About Malhar's Beauty Products(MBP) by Malhar Udyog

Being Woman is Being Beautiful. 
Ayurveda is an ancient Indian science of healthcare and has been described as, ‘Art of living in harmony with nature’. There is growing realization of efficacy of herbal cosmetics and medicines in sustaining and nurturing health. Malhar Udyog products based on Zero defect principal and Total quality assurance with driven force of excellence, dedication and customer satisfaction. Here, quality of the product is given foremost priority and trust is to achieve manufacturing excellence.
Our company has strong R&D programme so as to be able to meet international competition successfully especially in the era of globalization where technology is advancing on daily basis. Outsourcing the best facility and stringent quality control. Technical person keeps a constant surveillance of all the products and activities starting with the receipt of raw materials till right to the final stages of packing storage & dispatches. Welcome to the world of Malhar Udyog.
Our specialization is extracting curcumin and other active molecules of Turmeric. We have also established the formulations with avoiding interference as well as minimizing side effects over long term application. 
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