Treatol Skin Gel 30gm

Treatol Skin Gel 30gm

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Treatol is the herbal formulation of selected and most active natural molecules For skin care and maintaining skin in natural form by Ayurveda Malhar Udyog

How to apply Treatol Skin Gel and how many times in a day?

Washing and drying the skin before application of Treatol in necessary. Treatol should be applied as an even layer over the affected area. One should gently rub the gel in circular motion till the gel is absorbed in the skin. The absorption takes 1-2 minutes only. Do not wash the applied area for at least 4hrs. You need to apply at bed time compulsory day time optionally with an interval of 8 hrs in two application.

How long it takes to observe the results?

Users feedback is they differentiate lightning of the darkness from 2nd day also. However we recommend one week uninterrupted use will start showing the results.

Does  Treatol Gel treats all kind of hyper pigmentation?

Topical applications are generally effective on epidermal hyper pigmentation. Treatol is recommended for all kind of epidermal hyper pigmentation.

Are the result of treatol gel permanent? After the desired results is it required to continue?

If you are using Treatol to reduce the appearance of hyper pigmentated areas (skin that is darker than you natural skin color) the results will generally be permanent. Some user find necessary to use small periodic applications from time to time.

Treatol Gel application is restricted to the affected area or can be applied on the general area also?

Yes Treatol can be applied to the general skin along with the affected area, Treatol also works as preventive and maintain the conditions of the skin wherever it is applied.


Will the Treatol Gel cause any skin irritation or other side effects?

Everyone’s skin and body conditions are different Because of this there is a very small chance that your skin may be allergic to the ingredient of our product. The ingredient of our products are traditionally recommended for overall uses in general by all type of skin and tolerated. The gentle exfoliation properties of the formulation may cause slight peeling in the first few applications. This peeling is very subtle and completely normal. We recommend that all of our user test for allergic reaction before applying to face. If you are allergic to this formulation or any or any of the ingredient we suggest discontinuing.

Does Treatol Gel is effective on freckles melasma sun damage acne scars dark spots and liver spot?

Yes Treatol is performing on all types of the hyper pigmentation on overall skin and any portion of the body.

Does Treatol Gel help to restore color to white spot?

Yes it is performing in restoring the natural color of the skin but other than vitiligo

Can Treatol Gel be used by men and women?


Is Treatol Gel recommended to pregnant/nursing mother?

Yes with advice of the concern doctor for the overall health condition of the pregnancy and nursing mother.

Does Treatol Gel helps to reduce acne/ wrinkles?

Yes. The exfoliation ingredient of Treatol (turmeric extract) cleans the skin and remove the dirt and old skin accumulation on the epidermis. We have provided most of the ingredient in their very natural form which are very well known restore all affected skin condition to original form.

Getting Pimples and/or peeling from using this product is this normal?

Some users may be extra sensitive to the ingredients in our product. This can cause minor blemishes and/or peeling in the first week of use. This is normal and does not signify any harmful side effects. You can reduce the number of application for the first few weeks and allow the skin to adjust with ingredients. You should not see any pimples after your skin is completely adjust with the formula. If peeling acne becomes severe you may have an allergic reaction should discontinue use.   

Can I mix this product with other cream/gel?

You need to test for skin irritation for the combination of your choice. However the ingredient does not have any history for interaction with other drugs.

Can it be used on body?

You can. Treatol can be used wherever there is skin.


Is it possible to wear makeup after application of Treatol Gel?


What are the storing conditions?

While in use no refrigeration. Protect from direct sunlight and store in close cool area.

What makes Treatol Gel more effective than other products?

Malhar Udyog research and development is dedicated to explore the Mother Nature. The great Nature Has provided everything to us to maintain our health naturally. Hyper pigmentation is the result of exploiting the natural resources negatively, however for this over exploiting also The Nature has provided remedies in the form of various natural molecules. We are happy to achieve this balanced formulation to resolve/correct this undesired skin disorder. We are also proud of that almost all ingredient of this formulation are in very Natural form of theirs and perfectly blended to achieve highest result. Known to everybody for the uses on skin.