Treatol Skin Gel (6 Units - 14gm each)
Treatol Skin Gel (6 Units - 14gm each)
Treatol Skin Gel (6 Units - 14gm each)
Treatol Skin Gel (6 Units - 14gm each)

Treatol Skin Gel (6 Units - 14gm each)

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Natural-origin, Organic derivatives from Coconut Oil and fermented Sugar lend this rejuvenating, gentle Body Scrub excellent cleansing and foaming properties. These derivates are eco-friendly and well-tolerated by sensitive and allergy-prone skin types. Neem and Tea Tree help purify acne-prone skin, giving it a less oily appearance. Walnut Shell Powder acts as a mild exfoliating agent and removes dead, dull skin. The therapeutic aroma of Tulsi soothes mental ease and discomfort.


  1. Natural & vegan 
  2. Deeply cleansing & non-drying
  3. Refreshing & mood-uplifting 
  4. Toning & Softening 
  5. Can be used daily & improves skin health
  6. Hyperpigmentation/ Melasma pigmentation
  7. Pimples/Pimple Marks
  8. Neck back/Under arm / under eye blackness
  9. Agnail/Whilow
  10. Intertrigo
  11. Burn wound
  12. Obserbed instantly

Super critical fluid extraction (SCFE) of Herbs provides the most naturel form of the active molecules. Thus extracted and highly recommended and proven for the skin are turmeric neem and aloe vera. Treatol is the perfect blend of these molecules. turmeric anti   inflammatory,anti cancer,anti oxidant. Regulates the skin and rejuvenate to naturally good looking skin. Azarecta indica neem cleans and purify the skin. Aloe vera nourishes and soothes skin to most natural.  


A grainy texture, that foams naturally when in contact with damp skin. Gentle and time-efficient in application; and kind on delicate skin. A mild tingling sensation may be experienced due to the product's rich herbal concentration.

On application skin will have little warm feeling due to interaction of herbals with skin and get normalized within few minutes.